An Epidemic of Fatherlessness

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An Epidemic of Fatherlessness

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In our current society we see more and more fathers leave their families, as it has become a regular epidemic. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 24.7 million children (33%) who live in absence of their biological father. This startling fact should create a sense of unease in every parent, child, and those who are considering becoming parents in the near future.

As Americans, we have instant gratification and all our wants are met by the push of a button. But can you see marriages and children as something that is a “want”? People need to know that being a father and deciding to leave your children has a horrific effect on your children.

Psychological studies have shown that children without fathers have become quick to anger and more aggressive. Most of us know of a friend, family member, or some person who has experienced the detrimental effect of growing up without a dad.

As someone who has grown up without a father being emotionally present in the home, I myself have struggled with outbursts of anger. It creates a sense of “you vs. the world.” You tend to draw yourself away from others or throw yourself at certain activities depending on your personality. Silent anger is considerably the worst of these because of the build up and the fact that there is no “release valve” on it. It then becomes a ticking time bomb on anyone you become close to.

Growing up without a father could permanently alter the structure of the brain.         ”

— Ben Spencer-The Daily Mail

Many of you also know people who struggle from panic attacks, emotional attachment issues, and even severe cases of depression. These struggles have grown in the recent times because of the current epidemic of fatherlessness. Instead of being angry, these kids turn to an inward perspective on themselves. They begin to take the blame and take it out on themselves through substance abuse, addiction, or on any person they can. These kids tend to reach out in this state of depression for anything to fill the hole of where their father should be.

This is a growing reality in our nation, but also in our world. Before you begin think about becoming a father, take a moment to look at yourself, and learn if you are ready to take on the major responsibility of being a father.

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