Jacket Feast in 13 pictures

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1. When you first hear the news that there’s going to be another jacket feast

2. When you find out that you have B lunch instead of A and you know that you’re just walking into 30-45 minutes of standing in line

3. When the bell rings and you have to sprint out the doors to get a good spot in line

4. When you get outside and actually have to stand in the lines and people keep cutting in front of you

5. When the friend you’re with leaves your line to a shorter one

6. When an underclassman has the audacity to cut in front of you

7. When you’re really close to the window and are starting to think the waiting has paid off…

8. … But the person in front of you had been waiting until they were AT THE WINDOW to decide what they want

9. When the person at the window asks who’s next

10. When you get to the window and try to decide if you should splurge and get more food or save your precious money

11. And finally you get all of your food and are ready to eat

12. When the first bite is rewarding after the ordeal you just went to

13. After you get back to class and realize you somehow (barely) managed to survive another Jacket Feast

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