Is the next J.K. Rowling at RHS?

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Is the next J.K. Rowling at RHS?

Sydney Peveler, Clubs and Organizations Editor

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Rockwall High School has many ways to help students express art in its many different forms. The Creative Writing Club on campus has students who can put pen to notebook paper and create amazing stories and poetry. I was able to sit down with one student in the club and as she shared her thoughts. Cassie Nedrud, a sophomore, participates in the club and explains how she feels about the club.

Nedrud told the Stinger that she enjoys the club because it allows her to talk “to people who enjoy writing as much as I do.” She enjoys writing in the genres of fantasy and realistic fiction. She also feels like the club helps young and aspiring writers to become more comfortable with their works.

Even though the club’s officers have yet to be completely decided upon, Nedrud explained that a normal meeting allows the members to study a specific writing style together and receive a prompt to write about for the next week. Afterwards, the members of the club have the opportunity to share their work from the prompt from the week before with their peers.

“[The club] widens my knowledge of writing forms, and will contribute to the fact that I [would] like to write fiction professionally,” Nedrud explained when asked how she felt the club could help her in the future.

Since the club studies many forms of writing, members become more well-rounded and more confident in their writing.

The Creative Writing Club is planning to have an open read at The Book Club Café at some point in the future, though the exact date has not yet been decided. Hopefully, there will be information for all students soon, so keep your eyes and ears open for details.

This club is an amazing way to allow students to become more comfortable with their work and learn many new writing forms without having to commit to a class. Some writers are very shy and nervous about their work, so this allows them to open up without fear of judgment of peers or worry of messing up a grade. The Creative Writing Club is sponsored by Mrs. Shelton in the Black Box Theater.

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