An Open Letter to Female Students

Stinger Staff, Editor In Chief

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Dear Female Rockwall High School Students,

It’s gotten to the point, my fellow female students, to tell you that y’all are nasty. I thought the feminine gender was cleaner, more well-mannered, and just all around more cognizant of the fact that our actions affect others. But, unfortunately, I’ve realized this is false.

I cannot speak for the males in Rockwall High School, but I can say that having to use the school’s restrooms in any hall of RHS, I am disgusted. I have seen nastiness beyond my wildest nightmares and dirtiness worse than at a truck stop bathroom: Unflushed toilets in each of the stalls, hair on the sink drain covers, and worst of all sewage plugged toilets.

Ladies, please. This is a disgrace to our sex. We are stereotypically the cleaner gender, but for some reason, at school we seem to forget this. All I’m asking is for the toilets to be flushed and the sinks to be clear of debris. Here are some tips to keep the bathrooms orderly:

1. Flush the toilet.

I know that none of us wants to touch that silver handle of disease, but guess what? The Lord Almighty has given each of us the gift of two feet. These appendages can be used to flush the toilet and touch the handle of disease without allowing our flesh to become diseased! Crazy, I know.

2. Don’t use so much toilet paper that it clogs the commode.

I understand that sometimes when nature calls, it screams. But, this does not mean you have to use half the roll of toilet paper tending to yourself. I know that the school toilet paper is thin and brittle, but if you flush the toilet more than once during your “going” then you will find the toilet will not plug. It’s always nice to come into a restroom and not smell someone’s steeping stew, so please flush more if necessary.

3. If you drop toilet paper on the floor, be decent enough to pick it up.

Sometimes while getting paper, we drop some in the process. Whether it was a long sheet or a single square, it still clutters the bathroom and can eventually stick to the floor if it gets wet. This causes the cleaning staff more hassle. We do not want to make their job any harder, and we do not want to step on other people’s tissues, so please just pick up after yourself. In the long run, you and your fellow female classmates will be happier.

4. Do not wash/brush/or clean your hair in the bathroom sinks.

Honestly, I don’t know how clumps of hair find their way into the bathroom sinks. It’s gross and just wondering about how it got there is grosser. Ladies, I know we all have the occasional bad hair day, but this doesn’t warrant you to wash your hair in the sinks. I don’t want to see a clump of you sitting in the sink while I am trying to get clean. It’s just disgusting. So please, keep your bathing and hair styling practices to your home.


Disgusted but still with love,

Stinger Staff

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