College Bound Seniors: Lena Salluzzo

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College Bound Seniors: Lena Salluzzo

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When a Rockwall High School senior begins looking into colleges, it is typical for them to start looking into in-state schools first for the convenience and tuition. Others may look into surrounding states or if they are brave enough they may venture into states as far as Missouri. However, Lena Salluzzo, an officer for National Honor Society and Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta, ventured as far as to overseas in England.

Salluzzo will be attending the Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, England next semester to major in Psychology and Counseling. Making this big jump over the ocean is actually more beneficial to Salluzzo in the long run. She has an Italian citizenship which allows her to enter the university without a VISA.

“This makes it way easier for me to go overseas and the cost is actually cheaper to go over there than stay in Texas and in some cases half the price of going out of state,” Salluzzo said. “Also, it is a once in a lifetime experience; so why not?”

The curriculum overseas varies in similarities and differences from the curriculum in the states.

“In England it’s not required to take core classes, such as English classes and certain maths and sciences, unlike here in the states. You only take classes that pertain to the field you are going into,” Salluzzo said. “I think I will adjust naturally because I’m open for change and ecstatic for new experiences.”

Lena is striving towards a Bachelor’s degree but would love to work for her Master’s as well. “Aside from that, I’m hoping to meet new people, explore various places, experience different cultures, and most importantly obtain the knowledge to be a professional in psychology and counseling.”

Overall, Lena is, “mostly excited very nervous, and a little anxious.”

“I’m excited for the new memories and attending university however I am very nervous and anxious to leave Rockwall. I’ve lived here my whole life so moving to a new continent is a little life-changing,” Salluzzo said.

Although this experience calls for a drastic change, there is not a more mature and intelligent individual who could take on this journey than Lena Salluzzo.


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