Winter Formal Clear Up

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Winter Formal Clear Up

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       The Winter Formal, also known as the Stinger Snow Ball, is a fundraising event to support the Rockwall High School Newspaper. The funds raised would have been used to send the Newspaper Staff to a journalism convention. With the success of last year’s Winter Formal the staff had hoped to make it a success again.

       However, due to the lack of interest from the student body the Winter Formal had to be canceled. The number of ticket sales was not enough to raise the necessary funds to support the newspaper, nor the dance. By allowing outside guests to attend the dance, permission forms had to be turned in early to allow time for background checks. This also allowed the Stinger Staff to get an estimate of future ticket sales. In order to purchase a ticket a protocol form had to have been turned in before the deadline. The original deadline for forms to be turned in was February 1; however, due to a lack of forms submitted the deadline was extended to February 8. Another extension would not have allowed the staff enough time to prepare ticket sales for the following week.

       It should be clarified that the Stinger Staff does not plan any dance other than Winter Formal as Homecoming and Prom are organized by Student Council.

       The staff is aware that many students had already made plans and purchased formal attire to attend the dance. Students on the newspaper staff were among these students, so we fully understand any inconveniences due to the cancelation of the dance.

       We appreciate the support throughout the planning of the Winter Formal despite the overall cancelation. 

Thank you,

The Stinger Staff


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