Looking forward to the break? Here are some ideas to help you enjoy it even more!

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Looking forward to the break? Here are some ideas to help you enjoy it even more!

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Now that Halloween is over, everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas! We all know that during our Thanksgiving break and Christmas break that we don’t just want to sit at home waiting for the holiday to come… so why not just be in the moment and enjoy the holiday right now? Here are lists of fun things to do on break!

Watch Christmas movies/Thanksgiving movies, and drink hot cocoa. It’s beginning to look a lot like winter…. So why not!?

What’s better than staying at home bored? Having a sleepover with your friends! You can talk about the holidays, and if your girls… go get your nails done red and green!

Set up the Christmas tree, while of course playing jingle bells by the tree… because of course everyone loves that song! Right?

Set up the house with thanksgiving/Christmas decorations, put Christmas lights around the house and maybe Santa will give you an early visit!

If you really like dessert, you will want to make cookies or any holiday desserts/snacks!

Help your family member cook thanksgiving food! I bet they need all the help they can get!

We all know that gifts aren’t EVERYTHING, but buying a couple of presents for family is HOHOholdays exciting!

Eat all the thanksgiving food there is!

If you really want it to feel like a holiday break, get out some scented holiday candles!

Why go buy holiday decor, when you can DIY! Get out some of those red ribbons and candy canes and get to it!

If you’re REALLY excited, get your family and perform Christmas songs, unless you are just to shy…

Enough of all of this, get out your camera and take family photo holiday pics!

Lastly, stay safe, and enjoy your time away from school!

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