All About International Thespian Society

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All About International Thespian Society

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ITS (International Thespian Society) has been around for a while at Rockwall, but last year it’s received a major overhaul at Rockwall High School and this year it’s bigger than ever. Sponsored by our theater director Mrs. Shelton and led by President Graeson Lynskey, ITS’ Troupe #7551 has earned a name for itself in RHS as being one of the most productive and rewarding clubs ever.

With 15+ people in it’s troupe, ITS offers several rewards to Rockwall students who join, such as philanthropy and charity work, scholarship opportunities, and it looks real good on your transcript! We decided to interview Graeson Lynskey for more information about ITS.

What are the main goals for ITS?
“We think that educating the student as both an artist and a member of theater is really important… As well as giving them opportunities to shine onstage and offstage.”

What are some of the accomplishments you’ve had so far?
“Getting ITS up and running [was an accomplishment], it’s a very difficult process in of itself… We’ve had 2 thespian socials so far and we’re building off really good from the momentum of member inductions and our recruitment.”

Do you have any major goals for ITS this year?
“We’re starting a big rebranding process for ITS. We want the department to have it’s own brand, since it’s one of the most important parts of any department or society. We want to focus on how our members behave on and off the stage… It might take a few years since we’re reestablish the character of ITS as a whole. We also want to get our numbers up and more members for sure! We also are inviting nonmembers to ITS programs so they can get a feel of the community.”

How can one join ITS?
“Our induction ceremonies are in May and you have to have a certain number of ‘points’, about 10, 5 of which you can get from middle school theater. It’s about $27 to join and you just send in your application and if you have the requirements, you’re in! You CAN get inducted earlier in the year.”
For more information on joining ITS, email Mrs. Shelton @ [email protected]

What are some of the big benefits a student can get from joining ITS?
“Definitely just the people in here. Everyone lifts each other up and is constantly pushing for us to improve as students and actors… We also offer a lot of charity and philanthropic work for volunteer hours and have the Thespian Festival in November where we spend 4 days with other theater students all around Texas and have scholarship opportunities for seniors. It does include tech events for more tech-loving students.”

What can one expect when walking into ITS?
“Well, a big thing about ITS is that’s open to ALL kinds of theater, not just acting. You can definitely contribute a lot as crew.. ITS is a place where inclusivity and involvement is one of our top priorities, we’re one of the most accepting clubs for LGBT+… We work on pursuing our passions in theater and improving our acting and skills… But getting involved in theater is definitely what one can expect. Every member is required to participate in our productions.”

How has it been as ITS President?
“I’ve had an awesome time as a leader, whether it’s running meetings or having classes… I’m surrounded by like-minded individuals who are moved by their passion for their theater and that’s just awesome!”

If you wanna get involved with Shelton’s troupe and become part of one of the most amazing clubs in Rockwall High, visit Room 2812 after school for more information! Keep your eye out on the announcements for the date of the next ITS social!

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