WOE Stepping Through Rockwall One Girl at a Time

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WOE Stepping Through Rockwall One Girl at a Time

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You may have seen them steeping in the hallways or performing at our last pep-rally, but today we’re going to dive in deeper so see who the girls of WOE (Women Of Excellence) are really about and the message they’re trying to show. We talked to sponsor, Mrs. Rasshan, and member, Deyda Humphrees to get their personal feelings and opinion on what this club stands for to the school.

Q: How long has WOE been up & operating?

Rasshan: “WOE’s first meeting was on September 12th, where they focused on setting good expectations and reasons for creating WOE.”

Q: What was the purpose behind creating WOE?

Rasshan: “The culture of step could continue to live on, giving students a voice and the opportunity to be involved in an extra curricular activity.”

Deyda: “To give a more diverse group of girls a chance to participate in extra curricular activities.”

Q: When will you all be performing?

Rasshan: “We will be performing at most pep-rallies. You may see us during the games performing in the stands and we hoping to perform in some contests as we improve.”

Q: How do you want to be viewed by the student body at RHS and surrounding areas?

Rasshan: “The name speaks for itself, we want these girls to continue being strong young ladies and to work their best in life.”

Q: Do you or any of your teammates have experience stepping besides WOE?

Rasshan: “Jada Ayers (Student Leader) and Charlie Hawkins (lots of ideas for the dances)”

Deyda: “Some of the girls have seen or attended performances, but most are new to the art of stepping.”

Q: Is the club open to anyone or is their s tryout day for potential members?

Rasshan: “The club is open to anyone who is interested this year but there will be tryouts next year.”

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to share with the students at Rockwall? 

Rasshan: “We just want a place to showcase everyone’s talents and give students a voice who didn’t have a place to perform.”

Deyda: “Our moto is, ‘No matter race, size, or class, everyone is unity.'”


Be sure to catch our Rockwall step team at today’s pep-rally!! :))

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