Twirling to the Top

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Twirling to the Top

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Performing in front of a crowd of your peers can be stressful. What if you mess up? What if you forget to smile? What if you drop the baton when you’re twirling?

Aubren Montgomery, an RHS freshman, asks herself these questions as she gets ready to perform at the Homecoming Pep Rally. She doesn’t have any pre-performance rituals, however, Aubren likes to “say a little prayer” before taking the stage. Performing in the pep-rally is already nerve-wracking; going first is terrifying. Aubren told the Stinger that during her performance “I couldn’t really hear the crowd, I [kind of] just zoned into the music because of how nervous I was.” When Aubren was finished with her performance, she explained “once I was done, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Aubren started twirling about four years ago, however, she has about 8 years of dance experience. She began twirling with her friend Marqelle. Aubren is in a twirling team called TTOC, Texas Touch of Class located in Dallas, Texas.  She tries to practice at least an hour a day, but sometimes she isn’t in a location where she can practice her tosses. When this occurs, Aubren says she works on “roll sections at [her] house because [she] doesn’t have to toss in roll sections.

When asked what her favorite thing about twirling was, Aubren explained, “Probably doing a lot of high tosses because it always gets the crowd really excited. My coach says, ‘If you toss it you can do anything underneath it, [the crowd] will just be watching the baton go up.’” Aubren also commented that her least favorite thing is “getting a lot of hard tricks, and when I can’t catch them I get really frustrated. Right now, the hardest trick that I’m working on is a one spin reverse illusion.”

Aubren’s inspiration is Sydney Webster, a former feature twirler at Texas Tech about two years ago. Webster has now graduated, so she no longer competes.

Aubren’s advice for anyone who would like to start twirling is “Be ready to practice. Be ready to be pushed a lot. And try to do your best.”
Overall, Aubren rocked her pep rally performance with skill and style of an experienced performer. And the crowd seemed to love it. She just goes to show that everyone at Rockwall High School is valued.


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