All About Reasonable Faith

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All About Reasonable Faith

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Editor’s note: Each week we will feature a different student club offered at Rockwall High School. This week’s spotlight is on Reasonable Faith.

Reasonable Faith is a club all about the evidence of Christianity to the world around us and where to find it. It’s an Apologist organization dedicated to explaining the evidence of Christ to Rockwall students and always open to non-religious students. Around since 2015, Reasonable Faith discusses the scientific, geological, and historical evidence behind Christianity. Run by president Anna Voth, vice president Reese Evans, social media manager Sarah Jackson, and hospitality Grace Wilding, Rockwall’s Reasonable Faith is the only one in a public high school nationwide!

We talked with Anna Voth, President of Reasonable Faith, and asked her what students can expect from the club.

So what are some of your main goals for this year?
“We really want to get everyone to know who we are and expand our membership… I think it’s important since we’re a new club.”

Any plans you have for this school year?
“I’d really like for us to have events that’ll get us more attendance! I want us to have bigger meetings in the lecture hall and invite the community.

What can one expect when walking into Reasonable Faith?
“We have speakers come in and talk about how they see the evidence for Christ in the world. For example, we had someone come in and talk about archaeology and how we can correlate that with the Bible, since a lot of it was BC.”

Can Non-Christians attend the club?
“Of course! We’re open to any denominations and all kinds of people.”

Any fundraisers or events we can participate in to help Reasonable Faith?
“Yes! We’re selling t-shirts for $8.”

For more information on Reasonable Faith, visit room 2514 on Mondays, from 4 to 4:45 P.M.


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