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Sample’s Story: Get to Know the Man in Charge

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You have seen his wacky dance moves at the pep rally, you have heard his starstruck singing voice on Jacket TV as Justin Mitchell and him sing our school song, but who is he really?

Kevin Samples is the new principal at Rockwall High School.

Mr. Samples has a daughter in 5th grade at Grace Hartman Elementary School where his wife has been a teacher for 13 years.

He attended Watchita Baptist University for four and a half years on a football scholarship. In college, he was a defensive end and linebacker. He started out studying Pre-Med for the first two years, and then he realized that was not his passion or the direction he needed to go.

Mr. Samples grew up in Mesquite, Texas, and graduated from North Mesquite High School. His first teaching job was at Rockwall High School between 1998-2004 where he taught and coached basketball and football.

Then in 2004 he went to Mabank to become an assistant principal. From there he left and went to Poteet High School where he was an assistant principal for a year and then became an associate principal for the next four years. Later he went to Mesquite High School where he was the associate principal/Academic Dean for four years and became the principal for the following four years after that.

Now he the new principal for Rockwall High School.

What are your long term goals for this school year?

“To me, it’s just to continue to build on our success. I would say Rockwall High is pretty successful but I do not want us to be complacent in where we are. I want to push our kids to excel, to be the best in whatever they do. I also want to recognize students. I think it is important that we intentionally recognize students for their achievements. So I am looking into doing different things around our campus where we intentionally recognize students for excelling. All students should be recognized for their college acceptance.

So once they do that I want to do a college acceptance wall. I want all of our kids that are getting college credit, dual credit, AP, I want them recognized so putting them on the wall. There’s just some things I feel like our kids should be recognized for and we miss the opportunity. Because when you get college credit in high school it’s a big deal so I am trying to push that. That is important; I think every kid that wants to go to college should leave here with at least 3 hours, so they have a little bit of experience for there freshman year and are ready. Because like me, I wasn’t ready. It’s something that I firmly believe in and that is recognizing students.”

Reasons for no more leggings?

“Well considering I have been here a month, I was not involved in that decision. All I did when I came here was ask about our rules. If there is a rule I am suppose to enforce it. Do I have a problem with that rule? No, but if it is a rule I think we should follow what the rules are. I think it’s no different than boys earrings. Does it bother me? No. But if it’s a rule and I am expected to force it than that is what we should be doing. It was not a ‘Kevin Samples rule’.”

What is your favorite color?

“Blue, I’m more of an aqua blue.”

What’s your favorite dance move?

“Anything that’ll embarrass myself. Actually anything that will embarrass my daughter.’

Do you have any pets?

“I do.  I have one dog named Harry Winston. He is a two-year-old golden doodle. Apparently Harry Winston is a jeweler or something and that’s where my wife and daughter got the name from.”


What’s your favorite type of music?

“I am very eclectic, so I like everything. I play music everyday when I come into my office. It just depends on the kind of day. I listen to music all the time.”

Oreos or Chocolate Chip Cookies?

“Chocolate chip.”

Best Joke?

“I don’t really have one… maybe if I find one on a Popsicle stick I’ll read that one. I don’t really have one that I tell.”

What did you want to be when you were younger?

¨I thought I was going to be a veterinarian. Enough that I drove to Frisco everyday to go to work at a large animal vet through college.¨

What is your favorite sports team?





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