Ten Ways to Survive Your First Month of School

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Ten Ways to Survive Your First Month of School

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Hello Jacket Nation!

Another year is under way, and this one brings a lot of changes. Here are ten ways to get through the first 30 days!

10 ways to survive your first month of school!


10. Cheer as loud as you can at the pep rallies

Don’t be surprised if you get booed for being quiet. 


9. WALK in the hallways, it’s what they’re for

Find someplace else to talk to your friends.


8. If you have a question, ask your teachers

They are always there if you need to talk about something.


7. Try to make new friends

If you don’t have anybody you know in your classes, just introduce yourself to some other people. 


6. Don’t get behind on your school work! Start the year off right. 

This first month is crucial in how your year is going to go grade-wise. 


5. Make sure you stay in your sections during FNL. 

They have the areas for different grades for a reason. 


4. Don’t get too stressed!

It’s only the first month. This year is going to be great!


3. Get involved with student life.

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Go to a football game or a school dance; they’re a lot of fun. 


2. Actually read the books your teachers give you.

It will be a lot easier when you have a test over it. 


1. Make sure to remember JACKET FIGHT NEVER DIES!


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