Rockwall students walk out for gun reform

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Rockwall students walk out for gun reform

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On April, 20th, 2018, at 10:15 A.M. several students from Rockwall High School participated in an organized walkout both to honor the memory of the students killed in Columbine and more recent school shootings, and to protest the lack of gun control laws and response from Congress.

The walkout was organized by a small group of sophomore students including sophomore Lauren Rohrig, Carrie Schaffhauser, Carrie Lyza, and Paige Carsia.

Inspired by Lane Murdock’s National School Walk0ut Movement, which was created in response to the recent Parkland incident, Rohrig pitched the idea to the others in February; she immediately had their support.

The Stinger interviewed Schaffhauser and Rohrig to get their thoughts on the protest:

Stinger: What was your intended purpose?

Schaffhauser: Our intended purpose was to bring attention to the problem of our schools not being safe due to lack of gun control.

Stinger: Did the turnout surprise you?

Schaffhauser: Yeah, It actually did! I wasn’t expecting so much enthusiasm and I was expecting fewer people but I’m so glad there were more.

Rogrig added that they feel a great amount of pride and support from the students, parents, and even people passing in cars during the walkout.

Rohrig: We saw how much the community really cared about this and about us.

Stinger: How much progress do you think you and others have  made in bringing attention to your concerns?

Schaffhauser: As of right now, I think we’re getting closer. People our age are drawing more attention, we’ve got more events coming up, and were just getting more attention for the cause.

Stinger: And is there anything you would like to say to anyone who might listen to this?

Schaffhauser: I would say that people are scared because they think we’re trying to take their guns away, but it’s not that. This isn’t a gun ban; it’s a gun reform. We aren’t trying to take them away, we’re trying to make them harder to get so that everyone is safe.

Rohrig reiterated that the aren’t promoting the banning of guns. The goal is to close the loopholes in the current laws, making it harder for those who shouldn’t have guns to purchase them.

People are scared because they think we’re trying to take their guns away, but it’s not that. This isn’t a gun ban; it’s a gun reform.”

Stinger: What is the next step for you? Are there more protests planned here in Rockwall?

Rohrig: We are forming a club, one that has already been approved, called Students Demanding Action. Our goals are to bring awareness to the cause and to meet with local representatives and other gun reform groups to establish a unified message.

Rockwall students are just a small percentage of many who’ve decided to take action in response to the recent events that have been occurring around the country. Students across the nation have been participating in these walkouts in an attempt to shed light on the recent school shootings and to push Americans into making a difference via gun reform.

The students at Rockwall High School held signs reading “No Change, No Peace,” “Enough Is Enough,” and “We stand together.”

When the participants returned to class, they were directed to the attendance office and told to write down their names stating that they were absent.

Each student will have a 30-minute detention to be served on Thursday night as a result of their decision to walkout of class to stand for their beliefs.

Nobody complained, however, as all the students agreed that sometimes sacrifice is needed to make a change.

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