Take Five: Five Ways to Survive Until Summer

Spring Break’s over, and from this point on, we have over 10 weeks until Summer. Nine of these weeks are filled with non-stop studying, mountains of projects, and grueling finals. So, how are Rockwall High School students meant to survive? Well, there are ten tips the to make that journey a little less terrible.

#1: Be Proactive.

By the time mid-April rolls around, most teachers will be starting their STAAR or AP Exam bootcamps, (though English teachers already have!) and will more than likely give you a project on top of it. The best way to survive these courses to get the at-home stuff done first. Getting your projects worked on ASAP will give you more time to work on your classwork outside of school or to give you more downtime before finals, as most high school students will try to make an entire 2-week project the night before.

#2: Keep a Planner or a Schedule

Most high school students cannot keep a planner for the life of them, and walk into classes dumbfounded when the teacher announces their homework is due today. Keeping a planner allows you to keep track of your work while keeping a close eye on any deadlines that may linger above your head. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy, just a simple app or even utilizing the reminders tool of your phone can help. Just type in “Work On Physics Project at 5” on your phone and watch the magic happen.

#3: Just Sleep.

I don’t think there’s a SINGLE high school student that can say they haven’t pulled some sort of all-nighter in the years they’ve spent at RHS. Everyone’s lost sleep at some point, probably for more than two or three nights. However, during this final stretch, it’s important to allow yourself to get some shut-eye at night. A lack of sleep can lead to decreased attention, faulty memory, and fatigue or becoming easily tired during the day.

#4: Don’t Overexert Yourself.

Everyone gets stressed over grades, schoolwork, their social life, and a ton of other stuff. It’s easy to let all that anxiety get to you. One of the most important parts of high school is being happy and enjoying the ride. Make sure to keep your mental health in check and that you’re doing okay. Take breaks if needed and be with those that care for you. There’s no way you can excel in school if you can’t even enjoy it.

#5: Make These Last Few Weeks Last.

This one’s mostly for the seniors, but it’s for everyone too. High school doesn’t last forever. It’ll go by faster than you want it to. Don’t let these last few weeks be you holed up in your room studying or sleeping the day away. Make memories, be with those who might be with you after high school, and enjoy being a teenager. It’s the most important thing you can do.