Oklahoma! A Unity of RHS Fine Arts

On January 19th and 20th, Rockwall High School opened Oklahoma! as this year’s exclusive musical, produced by Mrs. Shelton and the Fine Arts Department. With an ensemble of over two dozen students, orchestra to provide the soundtrack, and an exemplary crew working backstage, Mrs. Shelton managed to blend together so many groups in an exciting and beautifully performed production.

The Stinger interviewed Mrs. Shelton to discuss what Oklahoma! means for the Fine Arts Department and the future of theater at RHS.

What exactly made you choose Oklahoma! for this year’s musical?

“I really wanted something that incorporated all the fine arts in Rockwall and showed off their talent. I think the people in orchestra, theater, and tech theater have so many talents; I wanted them to be able to shine in this production, to show what we could ALL do. I also wanted to bring more classical musicals to RHS, as we have done more contemporary musicals in the past.”

What was it like to work on Oklahoma!?

“I worked with a lot of people on Oklahoma!, but I had a lot of good leaders to help rope everyone in. Everyone was very cooperative and each head [of the Fine Arts groups] managed to bring the best out of everyone… I’m very proud of what we’ve done.”

Was there anything memorable that happened during the production of Oklahoma! you could talk about?

“Yes, we hired a fight choreographer to come in and help with the fight scene during the finale between Judd and Curley. [They] also discussed a lot of legalities that come with theater production and the physical & legal rights you have as an actor… I think we really educated our cast on a lot of stuff with the choreographer.”

What can we expect for the future of theater at RHS?

“I’m really excited to announce that we’ll be doing DNA for One Act Play! We will be opening on March 2nd and I think our spotlight students are gonna do great.”

Is there anything specific you want to bring to theater at RHS?

“I’ve been considering bringing in outside directors to help cover ground on the several productions we’ll be doing in the future and to help educate our theater kids some more as well.”

Is there anything you want to say to a student just now heading into theater?

“Yeah, I definitely think they should come into it all with an open mind and a sense of vulnerability. Try to keep yourself open to receive the message the play will be conveying too!”


As we move closer to March 2nd for DNA’s opening, the Stinger and Rockwall High school looks forward to what Mrs. Shelton and her theater department have to present! JFND!