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Ask Dr. Gober!

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Here is this month’s installment of Ask Dr. Gober, a Q&A column with our favorite principal!

Q: Why do we no longer have half days throughout the semester?

A: The school board votes on the district calendar each year and only allows our half days to be on final exam days.

Q: What needs to happen for us to have a Winter Formal here at school?

A: That’s easy, if you want a dance, put a dance together.  I don’t plan and coordinate dances, you the students do that.  Homecoming is planned by Stuco and Prom is planned by senior class.  If another dance is wanted, then a student group needs to plan one.  I will be there!**

If you have a question for Dr. Gober, DM us on Instagram, or send us at email at [email protected].

**Editor’s note: Thanks to this question and answer session, The Stinger will now be hosting our First Annual Stinger Snow Ball on February 17! More details to follow. We hope to see you there, Gober!

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