Advisory Period: Is it really worth it?

Here we are, nearly a month into school, and the students of Rockwall have had many different opinions over the new advisory period/study hall:  Should the school should give extra work? Should we be required to have study groups? Should it even exist at all?

Study Hall/Advisory was announced last year and students were promised time to work on homework and get help from teachers and fellow students. This year, that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case. New rules indicate that, though students do get extra help, they are required to participate in groups during advisory period, and only on certain days. Other days they are given extra work.

While some argue that they don’t get a lot of homework so they don’t mind getting the extra work, the majority seemed to disagree and find it pointless. One student even claims that “it should be the student’s choice on how they want to manage their time.”

Other students seem to be neutral about the whole thing, yet claim that if the school plans to take away time for homework, it needs to be for something useful.

Another big topic seems to be the whole idea of working in groups to help with homework.

A couple of students like the idea and say it’s a “good opportunity to ask other kids for help instead of teachers.” Some students are too shy to ask for teachers help so asking their friends or other students may be less stressful for them.

On the other hand, there are those who argue that it’s a distraction since everyone just gets off topic. As a result, they prefer to work on their homework by themselves.

While there are many opposing opinions about study hall, one thing everyone seemed to agree on is that the class definitely needs many adjustments before it can be deemed perfect.


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