Overtime with Avery McCrillis

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The Stinger staff recently sat down with varsity volleyball player, Avery McCrillis (junior) to get her thoughts on the season so far.

Q: Congratulations on being committed to the University of North Texas! What about UNT stood out to you the most when accepting you offer? 

A: What stood out the most when I accepted is the way the team interacts with the coaches and the players. They look and feel like a family.

Q: How does it feel already being committed to a college your junior year of high school. Is it a relief to not have to worry about your future?

A: Yes, it is a relief, but I do know that I need to continue to work hard to keep my spot.

Q: I’m sorry to hear you were recently injured, how is it effecting your season? (Editor’s note: McCrillis has missed some time due to an ankle injury.)

A: It’s tough because I was having a really good season. Right now I’m just focused on getting well so I can get back before the end of the season.

Q: How long do you think you will be out, and what are you doing to prepare yourself for when you are released?

A: I know I will be out for at least two more weeks, but during workouts I do upper body and ab work, and I go see the trainer everyday for physical therapy for my ankle.

Q: Although college is nearly two years away, what are you looking forward to the most at UNT?

A: I look forward to playing on a college level team, being somewhat independent, and just having the college experience.

Good luck to Avery and the rest of the volleyball team as they continue their season!

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