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Where “Thirteen Reasons Why” Went Wrong

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Thirteen Reasons Why, yet another incredibly popular, constantly talked about, social media flooding, Netflix original. It is about a girl named Hannah Baker who was ruthlessly bullied and hurt in ways that pushed her to kill herself. The shows aim is to raise suicide awareness and show people how their actions affect others, but was it worth it? Were the messages portrayed in this show presented properly?

As a high school student who suffers from depression and anxiety I can say that this show goes at things in a very dangerous way. For people who suffer from Depression, coping is something very hard and if they have never talked to someone about their issues before, they may have never had any suggestions. This is why many people turn to things like self harm, drugs, alcohol, and sometimes eventually suicide, they have no other ways to deal with their problems.

In watching this show it makes it seem like suicide is the only option and that if you reach out, it will fail. When Hannah goes to her school counselor things go terribly and he was no help at all. For someone who is going through the things she is, they are desperate and will look at anything, including TV, to find a way to make things better.

This show, even though it wasn’t the intent, advertises suicide as an only option, when in reality, it’s not an option at all.

In conclusion, this show could have easily worked through these things and made it safe for viewers to watch and know that there is always hope, but they didn’t. It went half way into the problem without addressing every angle. It was lazy and I would not be surprised if it’s one of someone else’s thirteen reasons why they decided to end everything.

What this show failed at conveying well, is that there is hope. There is always hope and there are people who care and will listen if you reach out. Just hold on and do not let this kill you.


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