Wrestling To The Top

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Wrestling To The Top

Summer Fathle, Jouranilst/Photographer

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Rockwall Wrestling has had an amazing season so far. They have been undefeated in duals and placed first in the past 2 meets. One of the most important meets that they have won recently is the Cy-Fair invitational held at Cy-Fair High School, which had over 80 teams competing. Not only did the Rockwall team place first in team scores, but they also had one of their seniors and co-captains, Michael Duvall, place first in his weight class.

Photo by Summer Fathke

Michael Duvall

When asked how it feels to have placed first, Duvall says “I feel proud of myself, but it’s not Cy-Fair that I have been training for, in the long run it’s all for State”.

As it is with every sport, training is very important, especially since wrestling is so intense.

Senior and co-captain, David Roland, explains that the hardest part about wrestling is “managing your weight on top of a ridiculous sport.”

It is important to note that while wrestling requires lots of muscle, it also requires the wrestler to stay within the weight class they were assigned to. Making weight can make or break you because one wrong ounce of weight can disqualify you and restrain you from participating. Luckily, the wrestlers this season have done a fairly good job at making the cut.

Another hard part about wrestling is trying to balance the sport with free time and school. Though the team practices aren’t too long, the meets tend to take up the entire weekend, especially if travel is involved.

“Free time? Never heard of it, but academics I try to sneak in whenever I’m not training” Duvall commented on balancing his time. Many other wrestlers would agree with Duvall, this sport requires dedication and lots of time, but the intense commitments have proven to be worth it, especially because of the great successes they have had this season.

Yes, wrestling is an strenuous sport, but being on the Rockwall team has its advantages.

“The best part of being a Rockwall wrestler is the camaraderie that is involved. We are all just one big family that supports each other through thick and thin.” says Tyler Tirevold, senior and co-captain. It really is crucial to have a support system of people that understand what you’re trying to achieve, especially when the road to achievement is physically and sometimes mentally draining.

The community seems exceedingly proud of the team, and it makes sense due to all of their wins and effort, but the team members are also very proud of each other. Whether they’re in the stands or on the floor they’re always cheering each other on and wishing the best for their team mates.

“There’s not really any specific moments, just how well we perform as a team in general, winning several big tournaments with many champions individually.” said Duvall when asked if he could recall a specific moment that made him proud.

When looking back at their season, it is clear that the tournament at Cy-Fair was one to remember.

“Cy-Fair was one of the greatest tournaments of the year,” Tirevold said. “Because of the size of the tournament, it takes a team effort to do well. So it took an even greater amount of effort to win without a full lineup.”

Though Cy-Fair may not have been the specific meet these wrestlers have been training for, it did help them get to see and know their competitors so they know what to expect on the road to State.

After seeing what this team will do to achieve their goals, it is obvious that they will do everything they can to compete in the State Championships, and Jacket Nation will be cheering them on every step of the way.




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