DECA: Preparing students for a future in business

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DECA: Preparing students for a future in business

Sydney Peveler, Clubs and Organizations Editor

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DECA is a competitive club that allows up-and-coming leaders to gain experience in the business world. Each year, the world-wide club holds a contest has many different areas in which high school students can gain experience by taking tests and solving situations, or by writing a paper and presenting to a judge.

Competition events where students test and solve a problem are often referred to as ‘test and role-play’. These events require students to take an online test before they are given a situation. Once the student is given the situation, they are given 15 minutes to prepare before they must present their ideas to a judge. Some topics for this kind of competition include Principles of Marketing, Business Law and Ethics, and Accounting Applications.

The other option is for a student to write a paper then present his or her idea to a judge. These papers range from five to thirty pages in length, and most presentations have a maximum of 15 minutes. Some topic choices for this kind of event include Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations, Business Growth Plan, and International Business Plan.

To learn more about the club, I sat down with the Sponsor of DECA, Margie Scott, who has sponsored the club for 16 years. When asked what her favorite and least favorite parts of DECA were, Scott told The Stinger her favorite part is “the awards ceremony”, and her least favorite part “is when [her] students don’t make it on stage to get an award.” Scott wants students to join DECA because “It’s a fantastic learning opportunity that prepares [students] for [their] futures.”

Finally we sat down with DECA member, Lena Sulluzzo, to learn about why DECA is important to her. Sulluzzo told the Stinger that she enjoys DECA because “it’s a great experience. She told The Stinger that DECA helped her come out of her shell, and she “found out that [she] had a little [thing] for business.” Sulluzzo also told us that she feels the purpose of DECA is “to experience things, and come out of your shell.” This year will be Lena’s second year in DECA, and at the time of the interview she was undecided on what event to compete in.

Overall DECA is a club that allows students to compete and gain experience in the Business world. DECA helps students gain confidence, and have a good time with friends all while learning about the business world.


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